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Database Performance Service

Is your NonStop SQL or Enscribe database optimized for performance?

Are you maximizing the features of parallelism and partitioning?

Are you spending hours doing manual database partition maintenance?

We can help!


Breakthrough Database Performance









Randall Consulting can show you how.  Our service is designed to maximize the performance of your database.  The service includes free evaluation copies of Randall Consulting’s AutoDBA, Carr Scott Software’s Escort Ranger, and related database performance tools.  We will help you evenly distribute your data (Enscribe or NonStop SQL) across partitions, over each of the CPUs in the system, and run programs in parallel against that data.

We will provide you with the tools, perform the initial implementation and train your team how to keep your systems running at maximum performance.

Our Database Performance service is performed on-site, with your staff and systems, and typically lasts 1 week, but is dependent on the size and complexity of the installation. At the conclusion of the service, we will provide you with the documentation, licensing information for any of the products you wish to keep and an invoice for our services.

What is RANGER?

Carr Scott's Escort RANGER provides first key information to repartition NonStop SQL/MP and/or Enscribe files evenly across any number of partitions.   This is critical for parallel processing performance, eliminating a single long running process due to more data than the other processes.  Ranger provides this information with lightning speed, only a few seconds for a multi-gigabyte file (compared to the manual process that you may be using today which can take hours).

In most environments, the data is too volatile and unpredictable to stay evenly distributed as new records are written, requiring that repartitioning be done over and over again.  We will show you how to automate the maintenance of your database by using RANGER to keep your systems in top performance shape.

What is AutoDBA?

AutoDBA is a collection of powerful utilities to simplify the cumbersome and detail oriented tasks of managing NonStop Himalaya (Tandem) Enscribe and NonStop SQL databases.  AutoDBA is Ranger Enhanced, utilizing the partition boundary keys provided by Escort RANGER.  AutoDBA will recreate/repartition data files with new first key values using fast multi-CPU parallel loads, with these helpful features already built-in…

·         Best Disk per CPU selection by free space, user configurable.

·         Duplicate or Create/Drop/Rename

·         Index drop/recreate (in parallel)

·         Updating Statistics

·         SQL Compilation of any Invalid Programs

·         TMF Dump Management

·         Automated Date-Based partition splits

·         Automated Sequential Key partition adds

·         Automated Extent sizing/resizing

·         Automated FUP Reloads

·         Automated DCOM processing

·         SQL Table, Index, and View Data Definition Language (DDL) reengineering


What do the service and the products cost?

The cost for the service is either $1800 if one (1) day on-site or $1500 per day for two (2) or more days on-site, plus license fee and travel expenses.

Escort RANGER is licensed from Carr Scott Software and under special arrangements we have made with Carr Scott, Escort RANGER can be licensed for a special low price of $625 per month, per system, plus support (volume discounts available).  AutoDBA is licensed from Randall Consulting pricing is available at request.

Why wait?  Your systems aren't getting any faster on their own!

To schedule an on-site Database Performance service, call Scott Randall at +1 719.533.3787, send an email to srandall@srandall.com or use our Online Form.

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